Dream catcher Landyard

Hi! Annalise here. This is my first post so hurray to me! Anyway, for my first crafting project, we’re going to make “Dream Catcher” Landyards!

You will need…

  • Eleven inch lanyard(any colors.)
  • 3-8 4 inch lanyards (any colors.)
  • Lanyard clips

a lanyard clip
This what a lanyard clip looks like:

  • However many 4 inch lanyards you make you need that many landyard clips plus 1 for the eleven inch lanyard. Note: I have red lanyard clips but they  can be any colors.

Most people don’t know how to start landyards – and until two days ago that was me! So I am going to teach anyone who doesn’t know to start them, start them.​

​Okay so now onto the making lanyards.

So now that you know how to start and make landyards, you can start making your landyards. (You will want to make the eleven inch landyard first because the eleven inch one is the one that you make into a circle to hang all the 4 inch landyards on.)

My dream catcher landyard

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